Click! Click! Click!

“I wish I could capture every moment!”– Romantics  from a generation of no smart phones used to say.

But today we do!

Every second! Every minute!

We capture everything that we can touch, taste, see, smell and hear. From the loud music that could touch the sky to the vastness of an ocean. It’s all captured somewhere in some form. But is capturing a moment in time – helping us experience it? Or is it taking the opportunity of experiencing that moment away from us?

May be that’s why we call those smart phones as”SMART” phones; after all they are the ones getting smarter. As all of our life experiences gets stored there instead of in us.

Last week, I was getting down from the airport bus as I saw a stunning sunset. As far as I could see there was nothing in between me and the sunset. Only me and some planes here and there. People passing by. I could not just let this moment pass. So I looked at the giant star shinning its light from millions of miles away, looking so calm as its light became orange and then red. I was there for merely 5-10 minutes. During this short period, many people passed by, looking at me curiously. Some stopped, made their smart phones smarter and moved on just like the others.

No one stopped to really look, experience, feel and surrender. To live means to be a part of an experience. Does it not?

They may be getting late, I am not being judgmental here. It just saddens my heart as I am reminded by moments like this that people may die without ever living!

So, I humbly request you to hold that urge to click a picture for a little while and just smell your food, taste it completely for a second longer than necessary,  hear the melody of the chirping birds, touch the sand as if you are touching for the first time, immerse your feet into the grass, look at the world just for a few seconds,look up when parents talk, look into the dying eyes, joyful eyes, look when a loved one is reading a book, look when a child is throwing tantrums. Just look before doing anything. Take it all in.

Instead of Click! Click! Click! lets all just practice Pause!

Just for a moment. Pause!

Is Life – Fishing?

What they do is an unconscious imitation of life.

Do you know how big fishermen work?
What they do is an unconscious imitation of life.
They gather around in a large ship. And then take this ship closest to where they know they can catch fish. Then they jump out in smaller boats and move in several different directions. Some go east, some west, some south and some north. Then after a period of hours of hard work and several experiences they come back to the big ship and put all their fish together. Don’t you think its an efficient way?”
Could they all take one large ship east then west then north and then south in just a matter of hours and collect all that fish? Think!
The smaller boats are you. You are also the one large ship. The ship can be said as your higher self or God – more conscious and more knowledgeable.
You live in this large ship space (higher consciousness) and then decide before coming on earth – how much fish(Knowledge) you need. And then accordingly you split your consciousness in corresponding parts. And then you go east, west, north and south. Take different names and genders. Different lifeforms even, may not be just human. And after spending a period of many hours, days and years in all those boats(lifeforms), you all return to the one big ship, your higher self. So your higher self get more knowledge each time you come back.
I do not ask you to believe this. Ponder on this for a moment. Could it be true?

You are a crayon!

Different color sticks but all same size and all equally important to complete the set.

Open a box of crayons. What do you see?
Different color sticks, all same size and all equally important to complete the set. Isn’t it?

You are a crayon. And without you we can not complete the picture we call life. You might be gray but you are important. You might be red but you are important. We are all different in color, race, caste, nationalities, gender, sexuality, opinions but we are all Equally important to the world!

To really understand this lets consider an animal like a pet dog/cat/parrot etc and a child. Both live in your house. And you love both of them. Do you think that since that dog is much different than the child, dog deserves more food? more respect? more freedom? or the child deserves more food, respect, freedom?

When we look through the lens of deserving, we see that the dog and the child both are equal in deserving of love, food, respect, freedom even though they are different!

And if we give love to the child we are not taking anything away from the cat or if we give a fair share of love to the cat, we are not depriving the child from anything.

If you have a male child and a female child, would you think that one child is more deserving of these basic needs because they are different? So why you treat them differently in society? These men and women are our children. Black and White people, Brown and Asian, sure are different and bring a different flavour for us to enjoy but should be treated equally when it comes to these basic necessities which some people call as rights but they are simply that – necessities. Treat them the same. These are our brothers and sisters. If you did a DNA test you would find you have more common with your neighbor just as a you would with a 4or 5th cousin.

In this world, we have been given the gift of “free will”. This gift is an act of love. You cannot give it to others or take from them because this gift is already theirs at all times. But what you can do is come in the way of their expression of Free Will. You can condemn and criticize them for exercising their right of free will and say that’s wrong because (lets face it!) – others condemned you for exercising your right of free will at one point or another. So why should someone else get to do something that you were never allowed?

Someone needs to break this cycle of hate and see the love that naturally flows through all of us. Universe / Source / God / Quantum Consciousness  (etc etc whatever you wish to call the energy that you came from ) expresses itself through Us, through the plants, animals, oceans and rivers. Nature is nothing but an expression of the universal consciousness. And as long as the expression of free will is not hurting the life force of anyone else, they should not be tampered with. Let’s see some parts of ourselves through others.

Like – If a man dresses like a woman, how does it hurt anyone? Let this expression unfold, may be we will all learn from it. If a man rapes a woman, then voice your concern, because now this person has become a parasite, it hurts another’s life.But I see people criticizing other people just because they do not understand them. And it starts early as I see little children bullying others for being different. I think they might be learning this from us, from the society.

So, lets stop this. Let us teach our children that they are a shade of color and others are a different shade of color but are just as important and deserving!

Love and Blessings,


Why am I valuable?

Why not?

Do you ask this to your children? Your siblings? Your parents?

Do you think a bird asks herself – Am I Valuable? Think !

Why is someone valuable? Think!

Let’s change the question – Why is someone not? Can you think of many reasons? May be a childhood bully who hit you, may be he is not valuable! Think!

Is that bully valuable to his mother? To one aspect of you that learned from him?

Aha! There is absolutely no reason to think of yourself or anyone else as not valuable! But we do think like this at times. Let’s be honest – A lot of times!

When people ask a simple question-“Are you comfortable?”
Do you say – “No. I am not. Can you please turn off the A/C?” or do you just nod along even though you are shivering until the nagging voice in your head becomes too much to bear and you say “Would you mind increasing the temperature. I feel a little cold.” (Little ! Bullshit you were really cold!!!) We downplay our discomfort so as to not inconvenience others.

As children we are taught to behave nicely, to others. Not to ourselves. We are taught not to offend others, but not taught how to handle offence.
We are taught to help others. Not ourselves. Never ourselves. It’s Never about us. As if we are not important at all.

Is that true? Think about this really hard!

Is it really true that you are not important? Not valuable? Think! Feel!

You are 100% valuable to the universe just as much as the president or a bird. We are all in this together. We are all on this one large ship called planet earth. Every passenger is doing something for the collective. So as this big ball of rock floats in space in many dimensions, we experience the joys and sorrows of the ride together. 

So your contribution to the collective just as “being here” is enough. Your presence in our lives is enough. Just like a child’s presence is enough for a parent. Child does not need to do anything to be valuable or worthy of mother’s love. He is worthy from the minute he was here. With us. You are just as worthy from the minute you enter in our lives, of our love.

And the person to whom you are most valuable is YOU. Does this surprise you? Or rings true for you?

The cosmic collective YOU longs for you, which is a local perspective that you call by a name, to give yourself all the gifts you desire, to experience all things you planed on experiencing, to love yourself as much as the cosmic collective loves you. The more you love yourself, value yourself more people fall in love with you, more people value you. And then it does not even matter if they do love you or value you, because you do! Aha!

Even though no one taught you to be nice to yourself. You CAN BE, simply because you know how to be!

Many Blessings,




What is happiness? How do I achieve it?

Happiness is a state of mind and you achieve it by trying not to achieve anything!


“Happiness is a state of mind and you achieve it by trying not to achieve anything!”

Once I was traveling in a metro while living in Delhi. Life is really fast paced there and you can sense that especially in a metro. The rush and gush of people around.

But even in all this chaos, at times you see something beautiful.

One little girl in my compartment was jumping up and down, holding the pole, revolving around it, simultaneously and spontaneously inventing games, which no grown up understood, so everyone laughed, including me.

I watched her with amazement and I wondered – Isn’t this happiness?

Her state of mind and her state of heart is in complete coherence. Her actions and her feelings are in complete state of harmony!

But How? How is she able to do this?

I realized, she is actually not trying to do anything. things are just happening in her and she is not stopping it. She is just “Letting It BE“.

When her mother tries to stop her, she becomes sad for a while. She stops but is restless and waiting carefully for a window of opportunity. And soon when her mother is not looking, she frees herself and giggles, and starts repeating the ceremonious jumping, revolving and laughing etc. I see that her mother is happy too, she is smiling now.

We are all little children at heart and we were all happy when we were just letting things happen within us, when we were not stopping ourselves from doing anything that our hearts wanted us to.

When our heart wants something which has such pure and harmless intentions, yet we try to stop ourselves from doing it, we are sad and restless like her. We wait anxiously for the next window of opportunity. Sometimes, we wait for a whole lifetime and regret in the end, that we didn’t do what our heart wanted us to do. All “yucky” feelings arise because we stop or others stop us from doing what we want to do.

Awareness of this in itself has freed me somehow. I know I can be happy now. I don’t try to be happy, that would be useless and frustrating.

The powerful yet simple mantra is “Let It BE“. I freed myself of an idea that we should “TRY” to be Happy. Trying is useless! Just Let it be!

I would like to acknowledge that as adults we might not be able to do the things that our hearts want us to do like jumping up and down in a metro but what we can do is let the child in us visualise that and feel it. “How would it feel if I were jumping up and down?” and you can start giggling in your head. This way you can enjoy a rich inner life.

“How would it feel if I had a fancy car?” This leads to feeling attractive to people or more noticed by people. So how would that feel in my body? “I would feel strong and more confident” what then if I feel more strong and confident?  “I would feel worthy of love”. I think if you keep on going like this, at the core of most things that we want – is being accepted by people or being loved by them. Because love is most basic energetic vibration which we need even more than food and water. But we keep doing things in the outer world to get love from others that we forget the source of all things is right over our head.

You can connect to the abundant source of energy by being with you completely. Give yourself the gift of happiness by being present with yourself all the time. A good way to do that is by asking yourself “How am I feeling right now?” This question immediately connects you to your physical, mental and emotional body.

I highly encourage you to look into Matt Kahn’s book and videos -“Whatever Arises, Love That“.

Many Blessings to all,




Welcome the New You!

Dear All,

I would like to introduce to you a new form of species…He/She is the new male/female version which has emerged due to an evolutionary process of the mind…

The new male and the new female have different roles than their older counter parts and they are important for the development of intellect , not just theirs, but for humanity as a whole…

To understand the roles of these new male and new female , we need to look at the roles of the old ones… (Who by the way are still walking among us, they are old is in terms of thought, not time…)


The old male : The Protector, The provider…

He brings home money, food and he ensures his wife and children are safe in his house… His job is not to love and care for the wife and the children. His main role is to be there when his children or wife are in trouble. Sounds too familiar right? This is the old male but wait… He is incomplete in himself… he cannot provide and protect if there is no one to provide for and protect. So comes the other half… She is great too…!!!

The old female : The child bearer, The homemaker…

She stays at home, looks after her children and husband, cooks and cleans. She is satisfied in this role. She is happy that she has the old male by her side always, on whom she can depend on. Together they complete the picture.

Now comes the twist… The school of thought is changing because some old male and female decided to change and become more than what their cultures expect from them. They did not want to be bound by the rules of the society. They understand that the tradition was not meant for suppressing their capabilities, they are aware that tradition just assigned the job which suited one better than the other in terms of their limited capacity to think at that time… Tradition was limited by knowledge and thought of that time… But time as we know keeps changing…

Lets meet the new male and the new female with not just open arms , but with open mind and soul… Because they deserve this!

The new male : No Role Defines Him… 

He is whatever his heart tells him to be. He can be the homemaker, the cook, the nurse or any role which he finds peace in. He could be a warrior or he could be care-giver. He lives by his own rules. He is not confined by the roles that his culture has defined for him. He can be the protector or he could be protected by someone else. He can be the provider or he could be provided by someone else. He just believes in freedom of spirit. He is not controlling nor does he care about what pleases people. He is generous and kind but he is not defined by that. He is courageous because he lives by his rules… He is not a half picture. He is not dependent on the new /old female for anything. He is emotionally whole.

The new female : No role defines her either…

She is also whatever her heart tells her to be. He can be a warrior or a homemaker. She could be a child bearer or not. She lives by the rules that she set for herself. She acknowledges her gift, the gift we are all born with, She tried to do justice to that gift. She will fight whoever stops her. She won’t stand to be treated disrespectfully. She is not dependent on new/old male. She is complete in herself. She does not want to be protected or provided.

So what happens when these new species meet old species?  I am sure you can guess.


Old man – Old female

We all know that these are the marriages that are so called “Successful” because either partner is scared to leave the other one even when they are unhappy or unsatisfied. And of course they are dependent on each other. This marriage never breaks.

Old Man – New Female

The old man wants to protect and provide, the new female  does not want to be protected or provided for. She wants her freedom. She would not be just the child bearer or homemaker… She feels unsatisfied. The male feels the new female has no respect for him. This relationship will break.

Old Female – New male

The old female wants to be protected and provided for but the new male has different ideas… He wants to go travelling or surfing. He is not the protector anymore… He is a free spirit… The old female finds that disturbing and thinks that the new male does not love her. This relationship will break.

Now let’s again meet the most evolved couple (I am not saying happy for a reason, you will find out why soon) with open heart, mind and soul ->

New Male – New Female

The new male does care for the new female but he also respects her, and respects her freedom. The new female does not depend on the new male for her needs or little things. She respects the new male even if the new male does not provide (earns less than her or does not earn at all), she respects the new male for not deluding himself as a provider.

The new male knows that he cannot be present with the new female all the time. And even if something bad happens to the female, he would only be able to take revenge afterwards, he could not in any case go back in time and change what has happened. The official protector role is bull shit to him. He does not live under the illusion that he is the protector.

So instead of being the protector, he wants her to become stronger, so that she is self capable of fighting any danger. She is herself the protector, and she knows it.

They live by respecting each other and trusting each other. They do not expect the other to fulfill any particular role in their life. They are partners, not physical but Spiritual Partners. They learn and grow as they live by. Their children not only feel loved but blessed.

But there are times when the new male and the new female want different things, when they both mutually decide that they cannot live together for reasons that they both strongly believe in. They part ways but they always respect each other and are friends if not partners.

Congratulations to all New Males and New Females!!!

Note : Ideas and concept is of Gary Zukav, who is a spiritual writer , He is graduate from Harvard and former US Army  Special forces officer. These thoughts are from the book – Soul Stories.

Being v/s Doing

I want to share a personal experience with the idea of “Doing things” (Yang – masculine energy) as opposed to just “being here” (Yin – feminine energy).

I think all our education and societal programming is focused on “Getting somewhere” and “achieving something”. And how to do that?

By DOING things!
But I do not think that that’s necessary.

When I started meditating 5 years ago, I thought I am supposed to be “doing” the meditation and it is going to elevate my consciousness i.e. it is going to take me someplace higher in the spiritual ladder!

And it is all bullshit!

As long as I am trying to achieve something from my meditation, I could never relax my body! I was always waiting for things to happen. “Now something is going to happen! Now! Now?”

After a few months of “doing” meditation, I decided to just meditate. I let go of the “Getting somewhere part” and started being curious about what is happening inside my body and mind. What colours am I seeing or what visions am I having? Trying to understand these, became my motive. This gave me a lot of insight into my problems and problems of other people.

Then I thought lets meditate with an intention of knowing an answer. But when I started doing this, I was already thinking of the answers, so I projected my thoughts into the meditation. I realised this is also bullshit!

So, Today I meditate with an intention of knowing an answer without actually waiting for the answer. I ask a question and then immediately start focusing on my breadth and just being with my body and what it is telling me.

Today’s Meditation experience: As I closed my eyes and internalized my thoughts and feelings, my visions started coming. I saw brilliant Indigo colour floating across the space in front of me very close to my face. I was following it. I understood telepathically that it’s a presence of the spirit I was calling. I became excited and asked the question “What should I be doing that I am not doing currently?” And after a few minutes, I saw a Rabbit. And I was about to discard that image as Non-Sense! But then I was urged to pay attention. So I did and I asked-“Am I like a rabbit?”
“Oh! Am I running through life too fast?”
A tortoise appeared.
“Oh! I understand! I must go slow and study. There is no rush!”
And I felt tingling all over my body. Goosebumps through the entire body. I felt like the message communicated to me was complete.
Then I felt like moving on to the next question but something inside me told me to pay attention to this moment. As the blue light was growing in intensity. I said to myself:
“I am suppose to just BE here. Right? Not do anything?”
And I immediately felt a major yes being screamed at me. Not as sound but as feeling.

So, I stopped trying to race my mind and started being! BEING in the beautiful blue light. BEING with my body. BEING here and now. I was like that for 40 mins and it was the most satisfying 40mins. I have always felt like this during meditations. I do not wish to open my eyes ever again. Stay with them. Stay in the absolute presence of love and complete and total acceptance. It’s amazing.

This is an internal school where you better NOT try to DO anything! Just BE! And by the virtue of being present here and now a whole new world of science and philosophy opens.

Love to you all ,
Stay blessed,


But as a side note I must mention this kind of technique of any kind of technique does not work for everybody. “Like one shoe don’t fit all”

What purpose is my anxiety serving?

Anxiety and I started off slow, as acquaintances then became friends, a time came when we became inseparable, slowly but surely it took my life away from me. At a certain point, I just had to face it and decide – “I do not wish to be your prisoner”. We broke up! But we still bump into each other at times. It’s a small world after-all.

Yes, I am talking about that gut-wrenching feeling of  “My chest is going to explode” ,”I can’t breathe”, “I am about to die” that creeps up on you, esp at times when you really did not want it there! Or did you?

Of course! You needed it there!
Anxiety is in our lives at this time because there is something it is serving which we ignored to serve!

Did you ignore yourself too much? Did you belittle yourself? Did you get angry at yourself? Did you believe when others ignored you, belittled you, got angry at you that it was your fault? Did you feel guilty? Did you believe you are anything less than AMAZING?

Anxiety is here to match this story we tell ourselves.To be so contrasting to what feels right that we have to pay attention to it! Anxiety is here for our attention much like any other uncomfortable feeling we have like Pain, Depression, Fatigue and Disease etc.

Yes, Anxiety is the perfect contrasting feature you need in your life right now to tell you to pay attention to this aspect that’s coming up.

Even though today I am able to manage anxiety to a level that it does not hurt people esp. me but there was a time when I would just repeatedly shout at my husband “Stay away from me”, “Stay away from me”, lock myself in the bathroom and cry, scream, shout and hyperventilate all at the same time, just because he reminded me of a terrible incident from my traumatic past with no intention of provoking me. He did not know that simple statements could be our triggers to bring back this old friend!

After coming out of panic attacks alive, you are sure to wonder “What went wrong?” “Why am I behaving like this?” “This man/woman means no harm to me but his/her actions just triggered me.” You might even contemplate leaving the man/woman thinking its his/her issue!!! NO!NO! NO!

It’s yours and you know it! But at times you need to get away from certain people who are just too much trigger unless and until you are equipped to handle your old friend!

So, how to handle anxiety? I can assure you there is no one better equipped to tell you this than TEAL SWAN (my all time favorite teacher). Watch this video and apply these things in your life. This is a very comprehensive list of things you can do on a daily basis to help you deal with Anxiety. I have applied some of the things she mentions in the video at different points in my life and I still am doing some of them. Like every morning I say things I am grateful for and every night I say the same and I eat dry fruits as soon as I get up. Watch it. It’s really good!

And remember you are not supposed to be anxious. You are not supposed to be depressed or disease-ridden. No! No! No!

And again you know it because it feels uncomfortable to be in such a place. That’s your guidance system telling you. “Hey! This is not where you belong! You belong on the contrasting side of this.” And you know that already!



Side note:
Please do not take anti-anxiety pills, anti-depressive meds etc if you also believe like me that those are bullshit! But if you BELIEVE they will work please do take them because your Belief is the most powerful thing in the universe.

How to accept myself?

First step towards abundance – self acceptance!

Lets explore this. This post needs your active participation.

In order to accept myself, First I need to understand two things very clearly.

First – who is me? Myself? And
Second – what it means to accept yourself.

We can use a few exercises to explore this. First close your eyes and observe yourself. Observe your toes, ankles, calf muscles, knees, torso, your belly, your organs, your chest, your throat, your head, eyes ears.

And after some time observe your breadth.

After you are done observing. Observe a sofa, chair or anything in your vicinity.Take your time. Observe the textures. colors, patterns, weight and height etc.

After you are done with exercise then read further.

So Answer me this – Are you the sofa, or the chair or anything else that you were observing? You do not have to even think about it. You KNOW that you are not your sofa, your chair or anything else!

But you can get yourself so attached to something that if that thing or person gets hurt, you are hurt. Because you identify yourself with that thing or person. E.g. Like I am so attached to my books that I feel like they are disrespecting me if people do not treat my books well. And If someone says something bad about my sister,  I feel as if its a blow to my chest! I feel physical pain. But I definitely know that I am not my sister. And I am not my books.

I think we can safely say from this exercise that the observer and the observed are two different things. Are they not?

So when you observed yourself. Who or what was observing your body? Think about it!

Some people might say that my mind was observing my body. Okay, so lets explore this .Now close your eyes and observe your thoughts.
“I feel hungry. I am bored. I am exhausted.  Etc etc”. Just sit and observe your thoughts. Now. Lets ask again, who was observing these thoughts? Mind that you think create thoughts is also the one observing it?You can do this on and on and try to find where are you?

Are you your feelings?
Observe them.
Are you your emotions?
Are you your fears?
Observe them.

An Ancient Vedic principle is called “Neti Neti”. That means “Not this, Not this” or “Neither this nor that”. This principle is used to find out who you truly are. Just keep on negating all things you think you are. Until all you are left with something intangible, indestructible, unchanging.

“Atma – the Self – can be identified only by negation of the anatma – the not-Self.”

Listen to this ancient poem . It is said that when Ādi Śaṅkara was a young boy of eight and wandering near River Narmada, seeking to find his guru, he encountered the seer Govindapada who asked him, “Who are you?”. The boy answered with these stanzas, which are known as “Nirvāṇa Ṣaṭkam” or Ātma Ṣaṭkam”. You are not anything that changes. You are absolute. Ever present.

When you come to this profound conclusion then you can immediately accept everything that you truly are because at some level you already know that you are not these physical things.You are not your stupid thoughts nor your ridiculous feelings or anything else that you might have thought you are.

But in the beginning, I do not expect you to understand this even if you have this knowledge. So, how to go about accepting yourself then?

It’s a really simple process but extremely powerful. If you think you are your thoughts, then all you need to do is just observe them and say I accept you. If you think you are your body, then look in the mirror and observe everything about it and then say I accept you with all your flaws. Do the Same for every emotion or feeling or anything else that you have identified yourself with. When you accept yourself and all things that you identify yourself with. There will come a time when you are not bothered by how fat you are or how thin you are or who is saying what about you or people you love. Then you would have accepted yourself completely.

But remember its a continuous process, there are parts of me that I have still not accepted about me. So, don’t beat yourself up about anything. It’s a loving process. Whatever part of you and how much ever of yourself you wish to accept, do only that much.

Additionally do the mirror affirmations. Hold your fists up or pump your chest. Whatever works for you. Just believe in the words you say. Say to yourself loud and clear as if you are celebrating yourself. –

I am an amazing creation of the universe.
I am a light being. I come from a place of total acceptance.
I am always loved.
I am always loving.

You can come up with your own affirmations but only requirement is that you believe in it. I will tell you why its important to believe it. Even though I am 90% healed as of today but there was a time I was in  in a lot of body pain to the point that I could not open water bottles, I asked my friends to keep them open for me. My room mate used to lift me up from bed everyday. That time some one told me to affirm “I am well”. I tried that and you know what I felt? I felt am lying to myself and that’s such a bad feeling because when you are in deep shit, you have only yourself and lying to yourself feels like abandoning your true self which needs healing. So,  I stopped doing that and instead I affirmed all the things I believed in or could believe in. Like the above mentioned ones and these-
“It’s okay to feel like shit because I know I am amazing” ,
” It’s okay that I could not sleep last night because I know I am going to get better.”
“It’s okay that I could not get out of bed on my own but it’s amazing that I am able to walk in the afternoon”,
“I was able to cook at night”
“I am of some help to people around me through my suggestions.”These affirmations opened doors for other affirmations.

Accepting yourself just the way you are can be an emotional process. It means saying to yourself that it’s okay to be demanding, it’s okay to be selfish , it’s okay to be jealous , to be obnoxious, to be fat or thin, to be rude at times, its absolutely okay to not know where you are going in life. Its all OKAY. Life is not a race.

It’s a video game that we are all playing together. In this video game, Your characters (that you think are You) might get hurt or die in the video game but you can never ever die , no matter what happens to the character in the game . Because you are simply not your character.

You can love and accept your character as he/she is! So that your character finds a loving mate. But even in this process remember that you are not your character.

May you find a place of total acceptance .
Love to all of you.


Next post will be on How to Honor yourself – Second Step to Abundance/Self-Love.